VRKADE is a Virtual Reality entertainment and educational facility that strives to provide best-in-class customer service. We exist to bring joy to everyone that we touch, be it clients, employees, franchisees, and owners.

We originally starting in Lethbridge AB. Co-founders Jason and Steven set out to create a fun place that they would love to hang out at. What started as a dream, slowly came together to create the first location. If you visit VRKADE Origins in Lethbridge today, you’ll notice the disassembled pallet wood that was sanded and stained to create the first VRKADE look and feel.

To better align our company with the best virtual reality educational offerings, we are soon changing our name to VRCORE. We provide virtual reality field trips, summer camps and on site educational school residencies.If you ever want to partner or reach out to say hi please see the contact us button and we would love to connect!

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