Sweet Escape

Sweet Escape

Race through the candy-coated obstacle courses from cupcake staircases to Oreo hurdles! Play alone and try to beat your own high score, or race against your friends. Sweet Escape is not for the easily motion-sick.


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About the Game

You and your friends are fighting to escape this treacherous candy land. Reach the lollipop to win in this active VR game experience. Climb chewy gumdrops, monkeybar over great heights, jump from candy bar to candy bar, and be careful not to lose your grip. Falling to your doom is a real sensation; your survival is in your hands!

  • Competitive Multiplayer
  • Vive Room Scale
  • Full Motion Control
  • Social Interaction
  • Engage in a new dynamic in virtual reality gaming by communicating with other players through simple and effective head and hand gestures.
  • Physical Interaction
  • Because you’re swinging from high places, your body feels the sensation of heights and falling.
    Feature List
  • Ghost Races (race against your best self)
  • Ghost Menu Manager (choose as many or as little ghosts as you would like to race)
  • Golden Tickets (do you have the skills to find the golden ticket)
  • Teleportation (no more getting stuck)
  • Framerate optimization (smooooothhhhh!!!)
  • Cross-platform support (Rift and Quest)
    Multiplayer Update:
  • Invite your friends to play
  • Add friends inside the game (game already started, all good join when you can)
  • Multiplayer Lobby - Jungle Gym
  • Create a private room (virtual happy hour with friends)
  • Mute Player (just in case people are being naughty)
  • Ability to promote a player to the host (fun doesn't have to stop)
  • UI Art Update (We might actually be pros at this :))
  • Customizable avatar outfit update (no more embarrassment of wearing the same outfit)
  • 5 Race Circuits From Easy to Insane. (Challenge yourself)
  • Customizable Level Select (Democracy at its finest!)