Your mech is ready. Welcome to the arena! The thrill of professional athletics meets the precision of purpose-built machines in Ultimechs - the latest multiplayer VR gaming experience from Resolution Games.


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About the Game

The goal zones light up and the crowd roars! A perfectly engineered mech enters the arena under your control. 

Welcome to Ultimechs.

Ultimechs lets you remotely pilot high-performance mechs, competing in the future of sports. Work your way up the field with a teammate as the both of you zoom, block, punch, and score your way to victory.

Taking everything that makes sports great today and combining it with the inconceivable technology of tomorrow, Ultimechs represents the pinnacle of engineered athletic achievement.

Managing the direction and speed of a massive moving target is no small undertaking — and that’s why your mech has been equipped with the latest in state-of-the-art GauntJet technology.

Aim your fist, fire, and control your punch in mid-air to line it up to find the ball’s sweet spot. Throw a heat-seeking haymaker to knock it out of your opponent’s reach, pass it to your teammate, or bash it into your target to score the winning goal.

Going the distance to become an Ultimechs Champion takes more than grease, gas, and gears — it takes a cooperative spirit as you must communicate, strategize, and react with your teammate in some 2v2 competition.

Don’t play well with others? Players that are looking to hog all the glory of a win (or keep the sting of a loss to themselves) can also experience Ultimechs in 1v1 play.

Choose from three distinct mech classes with their own style of play!

  • Supersonic Viper: Values speed and agility above all else
  • Explosive Nitro: Can detonate their GauntJet in mid-flight
  • Powerhouse Titan: Size and strength make them a true force to be reckoned with

Unlock new paint schemes and accessories to customize your mechs and make them uniquely your own!